Clean Livin` or Cocktailin' – It's Better With Design (Juicy Salif Citrus Juicer)

Not for the uncool

No, despite it’s appearance this device will not take you to the moon or beyond. However, it will give you some fresh-squeezed citrus juice for drinking plain or mixing with your cocktails. And it will do it with more style than you probably deserve.

Er. Speaking for myself, that is.

Designed by Phillipe Starck, this is a signature Italian design from Alessi – so Italian that it was in fact first sketched on a pizzeria napkin during an Italian sea vacation (in the 80′s – proving how good design holds up). It became a Euro icon of home product design in the 90′s. And then people started getting serious about discussing this juicer. The Web site (buy or image link) goes on at length about semiologists and the decorative veil as well as the notion of functional approximation, not to mention the epic battle between Form and Function.

Again – it’s  not something we deserve and certainly nothing we can talk about at length.

But it sure is purty. And we might buy one anyways because it will look so cool in our kitchen.



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