Finally: a killer home espresso machine for under $400 Nespresso Lattissima Plus

Best One Click Espresso/Cappuccino/Latte Maker Yet...

I just got back from a trip to Hawaii and wow, my love for coffee is as strong as ever. The coffee shops littering the highway all serve fresh roasted Kona and it’s GOOD. There is nothing better than a fresh shot of espresso with a steaming crema, or a made-to-order cappuccino. I’ve held out purchasing a home espresso machine because, frankly, the home machines mostly suck – or the good ones are up around $1000, I’ll stick to having them made for me at $4 a pop.

The new Nespresso Lattissima Plus delivers. With 19 bars of pressure (8 bars is minimum to get the crema…and pressure is usually the limiting factor in home espresso makers), this one delivers. Plus, it steams the milk accurately with it’s special container. I should mention this does it all with one click, so you don’t need to go through barista training. Click and ahhh.

Earlier editions of this machine retailed for more than double the price…we love when coffee technology comes down in price.

On sale now for just $360 including free shipping and $75 of coffee…


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