Killer Grill Tools Series: the Slider Kit

Make the best veggie, turkey or red meat sliders

Burgers. The ultimate summer food comes in all shapes, sizes and compositions: beef, bison, turkey, veggie, you name it. And ask around, the key to a good burger is simple: the burger-to-bun ratio. Too much bun and you’ve got a dry meat-flavored bread, too little and you’ve got a greasy mess.

Enter the infamous slider. Why do the call them sliders? Because you can just slide these little suckers right down your throat. They’ve got that perfect burger-to-bun ratio.

This little kit can help you make the perfect sliders every time. It includes a burger press, a cutter and a basket to host them. This kit can make it especially easy for custom made veggie burgers as you mix your mix of grains, veggies and beets or whatever, then press them into nice patties.

It’s on sale now…

$35 (regular $45)


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