Whoa: handheld, portable and GOOD espresso machine

mmm...espresso on the go...

Now this is cool: the Mypressi Twist Portable Espresso Maker. How it works: hot water + espresso grounds + pressure from CO2 cartridge = your own espresso maker…anywhere. The problem with homemade espresso is almost always lack of pressure because, frankly, it’s hard to build it up without some serious tubes and whatnot.

But some genius has figured it out: use the pre-pressurized cartridges. Each cartridge will make 8 shots (or 4 double shots) of espresso. This little device is also really portable and really sturdy so you can take it with on trips if you need (which I do) a decent shot to keep you going. Think how much better you’ll be able to make those portages in the BWCA – you’ll be running through the woods with 2 packs and a canoe on your shoulders.

Or work? Your ass may be glued to that seat, but your face will be holding back 1000hp of pure brainpower.

Or maybe not. But people do love this thing – it’s almost universally well-regarded. We’ve reviewed lots of coffee makers and it’s topping the list, especially of portables.

Happy drinking.


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