Wild spicy stews with Emile Henry Tagine

Mmm...Moroccan food

Mmm...Moroccan food

The Moroccans have a dish called the tagine. It is both a literal dish – or more correctly a cooking pot with a cover – and a dish that is served. Think of delicious chicken cooked on high heat with lots of spices, some vegetables and maybe, just maybe, some preserved lemons.

What’s cool about the Emile Henry tagine is that it allows you to cook on the stove top (gas, electric or halogen), in the oven (up to 500 degrees) and even directly on a fire (gas grill, charcoal, even an open fire). It’s also more reasonably priced then other (ahem…) French cooking dishware maker’s versions…

The design of the tagine – taken from the original Moroccan style, has a conical lid that allows the steam to recirculate in the dish and keeps your stew moist.

Some good recipes:


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