Grow Your Own Bonsai Forest

Kit to make your own bonsai: a rare deciduous mini conifer.

This little bonsai kit will allow you (or a green-thumbed friend/family member) to create their own miniature forest using this kit. It gets cooler: these trees are actually a descendent of the California Redwoods (yeah, the HUGE ones) that they thought to be extinct until someone actually found one growing in a rice paddy in China!

This is a rare deciduous conifer (so I guess it’s not, technically speaking, an evergreen), so it’s needles shed every fall. There is only one other deciduous conifer.

That’s some serious bragging rights – if you can pull off growing these suckers (pictured are 3 years old). Comes with 3 little pots, seeds (in starting “wafers”), growing medium, bonsai scissors, a rake/spade, moss seed, river stone, a cool tin to plant it in (also is a nice gift box), and of course instructions. All the plastic and steel are recycled, too.



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