(Organic) Flowers for Good – Donations With Every Bouquet

Gerber Daisies for NWF

It’s the holiday season, and we like to send flowers sometimes. We recently discovered Organic Bouquet, a florist that sends organic flowers…but what’s even better, they have a special program of pre-designed bouquets that all include a donation to your favorite charities – 45 charities in total.

We love that there’s a lot of wins in this formula: we can feel good about giving a gift, feel good about how the flowers were grown (organically) and feel good about the donation we are giving to [your favorite charity here]. Some of the charities include: Peta, Amnesty International, National Wildlife Federation, Green America, American Lung Association, BreastCancer.org, Women for Women, Rainforest Foundation, Audubon Society, Project Hope and many more.

That’s the kind of business model we like. mmm. Goodness.

Bouquets range from $40 to $70.


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