Roost Floral Architectural Structures (aka Flower Frogs)

Floral structures (sorry, we can't call them frogs, it makes no sense)

We’re not sure why, exactly, they call these frogs as they bear little resemblance to the amphibious beings. We suspect it is a florist’s term for the structural elements often hidden in vases but that keep a bouquet in the correct shape. We are, however, not florists. But we do think these are pretty cool.

What are they, you ask? They’re basically structures that you can use to display floral or other similar things (user your imagination people). What is fun about these is that they seem to be artwork in and of themselves. You can put them in handblown (mouth blown?) or other glass vases and use them to hold your (imagination) in place. Or you can throw out the vase entirely and stick a bunch of (imagination)s in there. They are made from iron with zinc plating and come in grids, totems and truss configurations in different sizes.

Fun gift for the crafty people in your life. Especially the ones with lots of (imagination)s lying around.

Also, these are from Roost, who we love and they are designed to work perfectly in their mouth blown vases.

They range from $20 – $40


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