Antler Candelabra (actually made from recycled aluminum…)

Cool design, made from recycled aluminum.

Anyone who lives in Southern California may know that the Santa Anas have been blowing in of late. For those of you who don’t, these are the hot winds that blow down from, well, the Santa Ana mountains. And when I say blow, I mean BLOW. Up to 100 mph gusts come ripping through LA, taking down trees, powerlines, small animals – whatever gets in the way.

I bring this up because we lost our power a couple nights ago. Keep in mind that it barely even rains down here, so this is an unusual occurrence to say the least. And when it happened, I had to fumble around in the dark looking for candles. What I found wasn’t pretty: holdovers from the poor hippie days. So I have decided it’s time to upgrade.

And thus I found this lovely candelabra fashioned after a set of deer antlers, cast in polished aluminum from old beer cans (no doubt these were also from said poor hippie days of yore). And it holds a few tapered candles for decent light. Totally. Awesome.

These are so cool they’re worth using even when your power works.



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