Bamboo Baguette Cutting Board with Crumb Catcher

It's really not crumb-y.

My wife insists that this is the French way to cut your bread. Of course I have no way to verify this, save flying to Paris and breaking into random homes (which could be nice if they provided dinner). So I guess I will have to take her word for it. I will admit, however, it is quite a handy way to do it. I will also admit that if the French were to take anything seriously it would be the manner in which they cut their baguette.

It works like this: you cut on the board, the slats in the board allow all the messy crumbs to fall into the bottom, thus saving the mess and making for a clean way to cut your bread.

We had one of these, but it was made of wood and the cats knocked it off the counter. The result: kindling.

Fortunately, this one looks much more well made and is even bamboo so my green conscience can be at ease.



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