Basil d'Azur Weekender Bag (and bike pannier)

Carry your stuff without burden

So my bicycle got stolen. Right out under my face while I was sipping coffee on Main St. Santa Monica. Life in the big city, I guess. So I’ve been out shopping for replacements (recommendations coming soon…). I’m looking at building the ultimate urban vehicle. The main issue I’ve come upon if you’re really going to commute is that you need space. Trunk space. Space to carry crap. Nothing will pre-empt a biking trip more than needing to actually carry something (or bring something – like groceries – home).

But the age old conundrum is whether to get expensive and cumbersome pannier bags or to use a backpack or messenger bag.

Leave it to the Brits. Basil’s d’Azur Weekender Bag is a nice bag that will hold some stuff (23 liters worth), and when it’s full, you just zip back the hidden pocket and use the hooks revealed to hang it on your bike rack. Instant pannier.

It’s treated to be water-resistant. Basil also makes a couple smaller bags like this and a similar pannier bag as well as a number of more girlie colors and designs.



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