Green Bamboo Reusable Portable Tableware – the anti plasticware ware

Save landfill space. Eat good to go food.

Get to-go food ever? We do to. Who has time to always cook? But the problem is that every time you go to get Ma po tofu or sushi or what have you, they always throw in plastic ware. If you’re lucky it’s made from corn – but in the end it’s still going to the landfill.

So we were excited when we saw these on sale while eating some delicious macro food at Seed (amazing vegan burger/fries, btw) in Venice yesterday: bamboo reusable portable tableware. Now we just throw these in with our lunch. We keep an extra in the car so when we get food on the go, we’re good.

Oh and it comes with spoon, knife, fork and chopsticks too! And a handy carrying case with a carabiner to snap on to your backpack or whatever.

Fun gift idea for the environmentalist or college student in your life (seriously, remember all the to go food back then?), as well.

This comes as a 2-pack.



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