Oh God, the Holidays – I Need Help (Eco-friendly Flask at Your Service)


We aren’t promoting drinking your way through the holidays, but we aren’t not promoting it either. Think how much easier it will be to deal with the familial guilt and shortcomings, the awkward work party conversations and kisses from your mustachioed aunties when you’re half in the bag!

And as an added bonus: you will be the envy (and newly coveted friend) of all the alcoholics in your family when you pull out this stainless flask. It’s Mad Men in styling, but eco in nature (it is made from recycled scrap steel). Fill it with your choice: schnapps for the cold climates, rum for spiking the punch or good old cheap vodka to speed up that downward spiral you’re on. Or maybe just a little wine or brandy might be nice to have on hand now and again.

OK, but seriously, this is pretty cool and would be handy on the slopes or for kitch cache…fun gift for the stylish, eco-conscious nipper in your life.

Just $25 (on sale now for $15!)


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