Classic Weck Jars – Use for Canning or Planters or … whatevs!

Styliest Jars We Ever Did See

We can now get the classic German Weck jars (like Mason jars, but…well…more Euro) to do what we want with. If you’re not familiar, these jars are usually used (like Masons) for jellies and jams and such, but because they look good and are sealable, you can use them to do all kinds of things. We have seem them on display with layered sands and succulets, filled with mosses and barks for that au naturel look or for serving yoghurt (with fruit on the bottom of course) at your next brunch. Be creative. One company is even making lights out of them.

We just love their simple, throwback style.

So, likely, will you.

Set of 4 $18.


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3 Responses to “Classic Weck Jars – Use for Canning or Planters or … whatevs!”

  1. Entramado says:

    I just want to alert potential buyers of, the online shop that sells these items of my recent terrible customer service and delivery experience. Without extending for too long, I ordered a large number of Weck glass containers and one of the items was not packed properly and got home broken. I have never been so embarassed o customer service. After sending several emails with pictures of the broken jar even before I even unpacked, I never got a response from custormer service apologizing and sending me a new jar. I still cannot believe they haven’t responded and addressed my complaints. After almost a month waiting I sent them a complaint note and I reported Terrain to my credit card company and disputed the charges. I got my money back, but not from Terrain but from my credit card company. Please be careful doing business with Terrain.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the heads up. We will look into this as they are one of our providers. -Drew

    • Entramado says:

      Thanks admin. I have the emails in case there is a need for it. I buy 90% of things online and this customer service is probably the worst I have ever seen. It wasn’t about the money for one broken jar out of 16 I bought, I am a believer of businesses need to own up to their business model and in this case the business model of Terrain relies on online sales and shipping and they need they need to own up to these kinds of risks. it’s just not right to expect customers to pay for those risks when there are other good businesses that don’t even ask a question, apologize for the inconvenience and send you a gift certificate for the next purchase. Oh well, I am sure this won’t be a hurdle in my strides to move out of the 99% :)

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