Great wooden bed with storage built in…perfect for Venice, CA

Bed + Storage + Design = Nice Living

I love Venice. It’s where I live, where I met my fiance and where I’m looking to settle down some roots (finally). But here’s problem: the houses are small. In fact, my house now has only one closet in all of the 3 bedrooms. One. So what you really need is…storage.

But nothing is worse than having piles of crap lying around, so the challenge is finding ways to store stuff that don’t look horrible.

For that, DWR’s Matera Bed is just the ticket. It looks great: smooth beveled edge wood. It stores well with 5 or  6 drawers (depending on the frame size) and doesn’t look like a bed mounted on a dresser. There’s even a little air space below the drawers to provide some flow (for the chi-loving Feng Shui-ers out there).

It’ll set you back few bucks, but so worth it.

$4700 – $5300


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