Mason Jar Pendant Lights

Warm vintage glow

I don’t know what it is about jars that attracts us so. Perhaps it’s the age old human behavior of always wanting to compartmentalize everything. Perhaps it is that the contents are invariably the result of warm summer sun, that in each jar we release the fresh bounty – berry jams, heirloom tomatoes, or just peaches in syrup.

And these old jars bring us back to a simpler time. A time when all those things really mattered. A time when it was more important to spend a day making pickles from all the cucumbers in the garden than it was to download the latest iPad app. I don’t mean to say they were better times, just different ones. And important ones for us to remember; to not forget that the bounty of our gardens is not to be taken for granted, that winter is, indeed, coming.

These pendant lights from Terrain are made from vintage canning jars, oiled bronze hardware and are hardwired and ready for professional installation in your home.

We think they bring a special warmth.



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