Recycled Yogurt Cup Toothbrush Subscription

Healthy subscription for yourself and the environment

Now this is smart: you sign up, pay in advance, then leave it to Preserve to send you a toothbrush every couple or few months. What’s even cooler is that when you get your new brush, you can send back your old one which will then be further recycled into a park bench. Or something.

If you’re not familiar with Preserve, they are our toothbrush of choice – let’s be honest here, what much can be said about a toothbrush. But these have a nice little curve, are easy to hold and are made from old yogurt cups, which let’s us feel better about throwing them out every couple months.

The subscription is for 4 brushes, the first comes with a travel case, the others in a mail back pack so you can send back your used ones. They also have a subscription for kids brushes.



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