Umbra Fish Hotel Aquarium – For Architectural Goldfish

The Fish Hotel...why would they want to check out?

Don’t you ever think it might be nice to have a pet that doesn’t require you to constantly be picking up their waste? Don’t get me wrong – we love our dog and cats, but sometimes I wish having a little friend was as easy as the goldfish of yesteryear…

But having an old school goldfish bowl is, well, boring.

This aquarium allows your fish to share your taste in aesthetics. Styled like a modern home, it actually looks pretty cool so you can feel good about having the goldfish (or beta…or whatever) floating about your well-designed house. But wait, there’s more. The modern “facade” is actually detachable so you can paint it…or add wood paneling…or glitter…AND you can even stack a couple or few of these and set up your own little Fish Pl. Loft Apartments.

Doorman not included.



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