Vintage Sawhorse Table in Raw Iron and Wood

Vintage for a good price

We’ve been thinking a lot about our workspace lately. About moving and having a dream office. To that end, the question arises: what is the ultimate desk? Lately, we’ve been thinking vintage (or at least retro). The problem ultimately resides in the fact that back in the day they didn’t have 2 monitors. Or even one for that matter, so the desks aren’t really functional.

Which brings us to this beaut: the classic sawhorse table. Historically, a makeshift design by shops using what they had on-hand: wood and sawhorses. We like this particular one (from Terrain) because of the raw iron and the cool abstract pattern of the sawhorse legs.

Though we are one-track-minded about our office space, this would also make a great dining room table.

Oh, and the price ain’t bad either…



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